Saturday, 11 September 2010

Rogue Anti-Virus Removal

We've all seen and heard about rogue anti-viruses. They lead the user to believe they're protecting their PC when in truth they're actually infecting it. Rogue AV's typically stop you from opening all .exe files with a message saying something along the lines of "FileYouOpened.exe Is Infected!" The rogue anti-virus then says that the only way to remove the "infections" (that don't actually exist) is to purchase their premium software. In truth it is all a big scam. They wait for unsuspecting users to enter in credit card details to "upgrade" when in truth these are just stolen.

So now you're infected with a rogue anti-virus how do you remove it? You can't open your browser and sometimes anti-virus/maware programs because they're "infected" so how would we go about doing this? Well it's actually not too difficult. Most of the infection can be remove with a simple Malwarebytes scan in Safe Mode.

Matt from has made a post on how to remove AntiVir Solution Pro - one of the main and most recent rogue Anti-Viruses currently spreading. You can read this post here:

(Note the Dr Web Live CD part isn't completely essential, however if you have disc's available then it is recommended.)


  1. So glad I have never had any problems with virusses.

  2. Thanks, I've been having problems getting rid of these.

  3. I've been looking for ages for something like this, thanks a lot!