Sunday, 29 August 2010

What Anti-Virus Do You Use?

As part of a fairly small investigation, we're asking you what anti-virus do you use? Please, comment below with the main software you use. We will then publish this information into a chart to show the most popular anti-viruses. Please don't include seperate Malware-scanners, and analyzers. Just include the main anti-virus software you use.

This information will then be used to show what are the most widely used anti-viruses, as well as providing advice to users about the software they're using.


  1. I use AVG and Spybot, the best free software that keeps you protected imo

  2. I use Spybot and Avira.

    Should I switch to AVG? Avira is sooooo slow -_-.

  3. I use MSE, it "just works".

  4. Using avast pro, works great.
    with my old dell desktop i use AVG.

  5. I used Avira and MSE,
    but I think kaspersky and nod32 is the best.

  6. I used to be on AVG but just over a month ago but i downloaded a load of wallpapers and a few people said one of the pics had a virus so i checked it, with no result.
    Been using MSE ever since with no problems.